Keenan Sprague

I am originally from Belleville, Ontario, which is where I began my career as a civil litigator in 2010. Before that time, I had spent seven years in Eastern Canada, first at Dalhousie where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Economics, then at the University of New Brunswick for law. While at law school, I excelled at moot and debate competitions and was awarded prizes for advocacy and constitutional law.

My experience as a lawyer before joining Boland Howe in 2014 involved representing clients on both sides of personal injury lawsuits, namely, injured plaintiffs and defendant insurers. Having seen both sides of the same coin, I understand that it matters to insurance companies, whether a lawyer is prepared to see a dispute through trial and, if necessary, appeal. I’m proud to be part of a firm that walks the walk when it comes to serious trial practice and effective advocacy.


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