Russ Howe



Russ has been successfully litigating personal injury and insurance cases for over 20 years now. He has conducted trials, appeals and tribunal hearings for his clients at every court level in Ontario. A number of his cases are precedent setting, changing the law in Ontario for the better, including his recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal in Zacharias v. Zurich, which resulted in a record setting accident benefit resolution for his client of over $16,000,000 in settlement funds received. Russ vigorously pursues all remedies for his clients in serious motor vehicle cases, disability disputes, other types of negligence and insurance coverage issues. His approach to legal work is very straightforward; “Getting justice for clients one case at a time.”

In addition to serving his clients Russ has tried to serve the public and his profession through a in a number of ways. He was the youngest ever President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, an organization of more than 1000 personal injury lawyers who fight at the political level to maintain the rights of the negligently injured against the special interests of the insurance industry, and which is also dedicated to educating its members to keep them on the cutting edge of legal and medical knowledge. In that role Russ lobbied at the highest levels of the Ontario government and testified on behalf of victims and the public in front of legislative committees.

Russ is also a leading litigator in the field of disability law. He founded the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Long Term Disability Study group and was its president for a number of years. He has represented many disabled people in their struggles with their insurers and has received community support and awards for his work in the disability insurance field. The is the co-author of a book on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with leading medical specialist Dr. Alison Bested.

Russ is also a highly sought after speaker and legal educator, having published multiple articles in magazines and papers in legal and scholarly journals on all aspects of personal injury and insurance litigation. He has done frequent public speaking and educational work in Canada and the United States, having delivered dozens of lectures and seminars for the most active and significant legal associations. In addition, he does pro Bono educational work for physicians, patient groups and public interest groups. He is a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, The Ontario and Canadian Bar Associations, the Law Society of Upper Canada, and other advocacy groups.

Outside of his professional work Russ is very active in charitable causes focusing his efforts on helping children in East and Southern Africa, and raising funds for the fight against cancer.

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